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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Critical Thought in Analytics and eDiscovery News 5-5-12

Predictive Coding
Assisted Review and Predictive Coding: The Human Touch is Still Critical!

3 Drawbacks To Predictive Coding

Text Mining
Text Mining- in Plain English: Turning Text into Numbers

Elsevier Experiments With Allowing 'Text Mining' of Its Journals
Case Study: Using Social Media and Text Analytics to Improve the Neiman Marcus Customer Experience

Utilize Text Analytics to Increase Customer Value, Drive Productivity and Make Better Business Decisions

Text Analytics Software, What Is It and Why is It Worth $1.8 Billion?

Hospitals cut readmissions with predictive modeling

How Personal Analytics Can Help Debunk Popular Myths

Army wants to monitor your computer activity

A tidal wave of healthcare business intelligence (BI) purchases is anticipated in the next three years.

Predictive Analytics - The Cure for Business Myopia

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