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Monday, April 16, 2012

Analytics-related News 4-16-12

Text Mining

Why Text Mining May Be The Next Big Thing  - Time Business (3/20/12)

FDA seeks text-mining software vendor – (4/5/12)

Data analytics driving medical breakthroughs – ARN (4/4/12)

As news sites mine social media for data, intriguing challenges lie ahead – Poynter (3/28/12)

Predictive Coding

Redefine Transparency in Predictive Coding: Shoot for Validity – Critical Thought in Legal Compliance and Investigative Analysis (4/14/12)

What’s the Difference Between Automated Review and Predictive Coding? – Electronic Discovery Reading Room (4/4/12)

The “other” predictive coding case – Electronic Discovery (4/14/12)

Plaintiffs' Request Recusal in Predictive Coding Case - Electronic Discovery and Evidence (4/4/12)

Legal Analytics
Predictive analytics will extend from claims management to litigation management – Law Dep’t Management (4/4/12)

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