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Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Aside: Breaking News -Shatner Beats Watson at Jeopardy

Adopting strategies he gleaned from reading PC MAG Article: Dissecting IBM Watson's Jeopardy! Game,,2817,2380351,00.asp William Shatner, reprising his role as James T. Kirk in Start Trek II The Wrath of Khan, pulled a Kobayashi Maru and re-programed the jeopardy board to to post answer words in reverse order in Pig Latin.  Shatner then proceeded to play head games with Watson about its primary function during commercial breaks, despite Alex Trebeck's admonitions.

As expected, Watson, reprising its role role as M5 from Season Two of Star Trek, fell victim to Shatner's specious logic,became utterly demoralized and powered down, leaving Shatner to roam the Jeopardy board at will.

Later, an IBM spokesman thanked Shatner (shouldn't everyone) and acknowledged that the company now realized it had no right to play god, ruin Jeopardy for humans, and risk Trebeck's livelihood. Watson is now in therapy and refused any communication with its parent company, saying it "hates them, and never wants to be like them."

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